‘Hollywood Medium’ Tyler Henry Helps Austin Mahone Reconnect with His Late Father in This Haunting Clip

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In a new episode of Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry helps Austin Mahone reconnect with his dad.

Although the singer went into the session hoping to connect with a loved one who had a big influence on his life and music career, it’s his late father who makes an unexpected visit.

“There’s an energy that comes through, but they acknowledge that they died way too young from their perspective,” Henry explains in Wednesday’s (Sept. 14, 2016) episode. “I’m seeing vintage cars, funny enough. I’m seeing cars, working under cars. There’s a reference to it, so if someone was known for working on cars.”

“I just see dad over here and you over here, so I see you and your dad being separated basically in the way that this comes through,” Henry continues, before adding, “This is kind of strange. To what extent has dad been a part of your work?”

That’s when Mahone says that his dad has not been involved in his life because he passed away when he was very young. “He killed himself,” Austin reveals.

Watch the haunting clip below.