LISTEN: Lady Gaga Releases Her Rockin’ Single ‘Perfect Illusion’

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Before 'Perfect Illusion' Drops, Here Is the Definitive Ranking of Lady Gaga's Singles
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The wait for new Lady Gaga music is over.

After much touting on social media, the six-time Grammy winner dropped “Perfect Illusion” on Thursday night (Sept. 8), her first solo single in three years and priming for her fifth album.

It’s really a mix of rock, dance and pop music — and right up Gaga’s alley. BloodPop, the producer who co-wrote “Perfect Illusion” with Gaga, told Rolling Stone about the song, “[it’s] soul-rooted, [but] pop at heart,” adding that it’s “a big rock song that makes you want to dance.” Listen above!

Gaga previously revealed the cover art of the single on Twitter — and the memers had a blast with it.

CREDIT: Twitter / @LadyGaga

Gaga, according to her Snapchat, is en route to Berlin, where she will apparently play music from her new album.