WATCH: Kerry Washington Describes the Weird Things She Has to Do to Hide Her Pregnancy While Filming ‘Scandal’

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Kerry Washington enlightened Ellen DeGeneres on the ways that she has to hide her real-life pregnancy as she portrays a character who isn’t pregnant.

Washington told DeGeneres that the prop department of Scandal is calling for all hands on deck in order to camouflage her baby bump.

“Big coats, big bags… hiding behind different body parts of other actors. Bigger body parts,” Washington explained to DeGeneres. “Like if I’m in the back of the room, it can be, like, somebody’s leg, and I’m positioned behind it.”

Washington also said that they use lamps and vases to maintain her character’s physical continuity.

It was confirmed in May that Washington would be expecting her second child with her husband Nnamdi Asomugha. The actress kept mum on what the sex of the baby is when DeGeneres tried to ask.

“We’re hoping for a human,” responded Washington.

Watch what happens when DeGeneres pitches a few interesting choices for names in the video from Ellen, below.