Future’s New Song ‘How It Feel’ Sounds a Lot Like He’s Dissing Ciara

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Future released a new track on Friday (Sept. 8, 2016) that sounds like he’s throwing shade at Ciara.

The song, titled “How It feel,” features lyrics that have fans speculating whether or not the rapper is publicly dissing his baby mama/ex-fiancée. “I made it, you bitch / I made you, bitch,” he raps. “Bitch, you was nothing before me / I gave you fame on the ‘gram / I put you back on the charts / I got you a No. 1 spot.”

He continues, “I gave your bitch a number 1, then I gave your bitch the dick/Fuck all you hoes on a hoe/I gave a bitch to another nigga/I go and get me another bitch.”

Those lines clearly sound like a jab to both the singer and her new husband, Russel Wilson. Although Ciara has yet to comment on her ex’s new song, this isn’t the first time Future has stirred up some controversy since their rocky split in December 2014.

Maybe this is Future’s way of hitting back at Ciara after she filed a $15 million lawsuit, claiming he slandered her name on more than one occasion.

Listen to “How It Feel” below!