Watch Lance Bass Try to Convince You that This *NSYNC Member Has Had the Most Sexual Partners

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Either Lance Bass is lying to us or we underestimated this *NSYNC member all along.

Bass sat in Andy Cohen‘s hot seat on Watch What Happens Live for a round of “Truth or Tweet,” a game in which the celebrity is forced to choose between answering a shocking question or tweeting something embarrassing. Cohen asked Bass which *NSYNC member had the most sexual partners. Here was his reply:

“I mean, Chris Kirkpatrick — he’s a Casanova! Before he married his lovely wife now, but he was single for a while.”


Cohen then pressed him to inform us which band member he would never have sex with.

“I mean, all of them!” said Bass. “I wouldn’t have sex [with] Joey Fatone. I don’t know, yeah, take that.”

We don’t believe this either.

Bass also updated us his plans to travel to outer space, which were cancelled in 2002 when the Russian Aviation and Space Agency noted that his private backers did not make a significant payment towards the estimated $20 million cost of his training and flight.

“I’m very connected with the space community still, privately and NASA,” Bass told Cohen. “Yes, I still plan to go. I do.”

Watch the clip from Us Weekly below.