This Photo of Tara Reid Bruised and Battered Is Scaring Everyone

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 Jenny McCarthy and Tara Reid Throw Insults at Each Other
This interview will make you cringe so hard.

Tara Reid sparked concern after she shared a shocking image showing her with a bruised and battered face.

The American Pie alum took to Instagram to post a picture of herself with a large bruise across her forehead, making her looking like she had been beaten up. But not to worry, everyone — it turns out it’s for her new movie, Worthless.

After fans became concerned for the actress’ well-being, she later clarified on Twitter that she was just wearing makeup on the set of her upcoming anti-bullying film.

Everyone be kind to each other. This is what bullying looks like. #Worthless

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Over the summer, Reid walked out of a radio interview with Jenny McCarthy after they threw each other some pretty bad insults. It was very, very awkward. However, it seems like Reid has moved on from all the drama and enjoying the fact that she still gets roles.