‘Mob Wives’ Marissa Jade Is Gearing Up to Be Hollywood’s Next It Girl

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Marissa Jade
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Most people were first introduced to Marissa Jade as the fiery new girl on season six of Mob Wives, and they couldn’t get enough.

Unfortunately, Mob Wives was canceled before Jade could sign on for another season, but luckily for her fans, she’s been around way before reality TV and has no plans to leave anytime soon. Before her big break on Mob Wives, Jade made her living as a working model and actress, with a few small roles on shows like Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, and Law and Order, and now she’s returning to her first love as her career begins to take off.

Celebuzz sat down with Jade to talk about her time on Mob Wives and what she plans to take on next.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Marissa Jade

Celebuzz: Most of you fans know you from Mob Wives, but you were a working model and actress before the show, so what made you decide to do reality TV? 

Marissa Jade: “It was an opportunity that presented itself to me and I kind of just went with it. What effect, if any, did that have on your career? Some people have a hard time taking reality TV seriously. I do believe that if you are in this field, they don’t take reality seriously. But I don’t believe that I was on it long enough to where it could hurt my career professionally.”

CB: You were only on one season of Mob Wives before it was canceled, so was there anything about your life you wish fans got a chance to see, that never made it on the air? 

MJ: “Well I was in a very confrontational season, plus it was two episodes shorter than every other season. I just feel like there’s a lot of stuff that was filmed that should have been shown, that they didn’t show because the majority of it they just want to see the arguments and the drama. No one really got to see my personal life, how I live, what I do, what I like to do. A lot of people don’t even know that I have a son. So I kind of wished they showed another side, but I understand why they didn’t considering what the show was based on.”

CB:So what do you want fans to know about you that they may not have learned from the show? 

MJ: “I’m not as uptight as I’m portrayed to be. I definitely like to party and have fun. I like to drink. There’s just like a softer side to me, I’m really down to earth and cool. I’m friends with people from all walks of life. Just because I’m portrayed to be a certain way doesn’t mean I shun anybody who’s not on my level.”

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Marissa Jade

CB:You had a highly documented feud with Brittany Fogarty on the show. Do you think there is any chance you both could ever make up and become friendly? 

MJ: “No, because I believe that true friends or people that potentially can be friends, never cross a certain line and boundary, and once you do, you’re extracted from my equation. So if you don’t have enough respect to not cross that line, why would I give someone a second chance? That goes for family or anyone around me.”

CB: There have been rumors of a possible Mob Wives season 7, can you confirm or deny those rumors and if they are indeed true, do you plan on returning? 

MJ: “I’m not certain if we’re going to have a season 7, but I’m not going to say no, because maybe something is in the works that I’m unaware of. And if I was asked to come on again? (Long pause) I say yea sometimes, I say no sometimes, it depends on how I feel my mood is for that day. If we can keep it positive and a little less dramatic, yea I would love to be on.”

CB: Now you’re transitioning from reality TV to the big screen, so tell us how did you movie Destiny: Queens of Thieves come to be? 

MJ: “I was introduced to the comic world several years ago, I didn’t really know much about cons, and I wound up answering a casting call actually to be a muse for artwork and a possible comic book and got the job. They started making characters and artwork based on me and I started attending the events.

“Then the comic book came out and I started promoting the comic book at the comic cons, and then someone randomly came up to me bought it, was interested, and came back and was like, let’s exchange numbers, I’m interested in your comic book and maybe we can make this into a movie and it kind of went from there. And he was serious about it!”

CB:You also released an app, what made you decide to get into the into the app world? 

MJ: “A lot of fans used to hit me up asking me skin care regimen, beauty products, what I’m wearing, what I’m doing, how I wake up, how I go to sleep, just everything about me. So instead of answering everyone individually, which is impossible, I felt like, lets have an app for all your beauty and health needs and if anyone’s interested in my input, feel free to utilize my app and get all you’re asking for. And if I’m missing something, message me and let me know and we’ll write up about it.”

CB:Do you have any plans on expanding your budding empire? 

MJ: “I do, I have a couple of plans in the works that I would love to blog about on the app, but I just don’t feel it’s time and once I’m ready to launch and everything is set I will speak more of it.”