Celebuzz’d 27: New Music From the Backstreet Boys Is Coming Next Year and You’re Not Even Close to Ready

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The Backstreet Boys can’t be back because they never left us, but the same can’t be said for their unsung rivals.

The Snackstreet Boys could have been the top heartthrobs of ’90s music scene, especially since they’re primarily made of carbs, but Wheat Chex, Corn Chex, Rye Chip, Breadstick, and Pretzel let their pride get in the way of allowing the Backstreet Boys to mentor them to success.


Inter-band beefs formed, a Yoko Ono incident occurred, and the whole band fell apart.

…That is, until now.

Snackstreet is back together, 20 years after their band’s demise, with a spiritual album, Handful of Heaven, and a newfound expertise in playing pool. Nick Carter and AJ McLean spoke with Celebuzz exclusively on this episode of the Celebuzz’d podcast about Snackstreet’s potential, the Backstreet Boys’ forthcoming new album and tour, and the terrors of being a first-time father.

McLean says that the band is still in the early stages of their creative process. “[We’re] back in the kitchen cooking up whatever comes out and it’s been really fun so far. We’re working with some brand new up-and-coming writers, some really hip, new producers, as well as doing some interesting collaborations. It just happened to work perfectly.”

“Brand new music next year. 100% brand-new single, brand-new album, brand new tour, and a lot from BSB in 2017.”

Carter, a new father to Odin Reign with his wife Lauren Kitt, says that parenting advice from his band members comes in handy now that they are beginning families of their own. McLean recalls a recent moment when Carter opened up the fatherhood forum on the way back to their hotel from a show.

“[Carter] just comes out of the blue and is like, ‘Does anybody have this thing that at like, two in the morning, you think your kid’s choking, but they’re not, and you freak and run [into their room]?'”

“I got that monitor anxiety thing going on,” says Carter.

“That’s going to stick with you for a few more years,” replied McLean.

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