5 Things That You May Not Know About Marion Cotillard

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As soon as the news broke that Angeline Joliefiled for divorce from Brad Pitt, fans of the long-time couple immediately tried to figure out why. While neither Jolie nor Pitt have confirmed the real reason behind their split (and probably never will), it didn’t take long for everyone to jump to conclusions, and that’s where Marion Cotillard comes in.

Cotillard is starring alongside Pitt in the upcoming film Allied, and therefore, given Pitt’s past, she is now being accused of being Pitt’s alleged mistress. While multiple sources have insisted there is absolutely nothing going on between Pitt and Cotillard, some people want to know more about the award winning actress.

Here are five fast facts to help you brush up on your Cotillard knowledge.

1. She’s an award-winning actress. 

While her name might not be familiar, you’ve definitely seen her work. Cotillard began acting more than 20 years ago in France and got her big break in the United States in a supporting role in the Tim Burton film, Big FishSince then, she’s starred in films including Inception, Midnight in Paris, and The Dark Knight RisesCotillard is the first, and so far only, actor to win an Academy Award for a performance in French, an award she earned for her critically acclaimed role as Édith Piaf in the 2007 film, La Vie En Rose

2. She’s a musician.

In addition to being an award-winning actress, Cotillard is an accomplished singer-songwriter and musician who plays guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, and tambourine. Cotillard often writes and sings the songs that are featured in her various Lady Dior campaigns.

3. She’s an environmental activist.

Cotillard is making sure to use her fame for good, using her name to bring awareness to environmental issues and acting as a spokesperson for Greenpeace since 2002. In 2013, Cotillard caged herself in Paris near the Louvre museum holding up a sign that read, “I am a climate defender,” and demanded the release of jailed Greenpeace activists in Russia.

4. Acting is in her DNA.

While Cotillard always believed she would become a singer, she’s been surrounded by performers her entire life. Her father is French actor Jean-Claude Cotillard and her mother, Niseema Theillaud, was an acting teacher.

5. She’s in a long-term relationship. 

Cotillard has been in a relationship with French actor and director Guillaume Canet since 2007, and the two even share a five-year-old son named Marcel together. While they have been in a committed relationship for close to a decade, they haven’t made the decision to tie the knot just yet.