This Is What Sofia Vergara’s Voice Sounds Like on Helium

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Jimmy Fallon asked Sofia Vergara to inhale helium for their interview on The Tonight Show.

“I have this game idea and you’ll have to say yes to it. But I just think I’d love to hear you talk on helium,” the late night TV host told the Modern Family star as he revealed a red balloon from behind his desk. “I love your voice, but if it’s higher …”

Obviously, she obliged and the result was priceless. Not only did her high-pitched voice make everyone laugh, but her reaction after hearing herself was just as funny. “My English is very good on this thing, no?” she asked before saying some phrases in Spanish too.

Vergara, 44, also revealed that her husband, Joe Manganiello, forced her to become a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. “I mean, after three years, it’s like he’s brainwashed me.”

Right before the show, the actress shared an adorable pic of the both of them out and about New York City. “With my favorite guy in my favorite city!” she wrote.