Priyanka Chopra, Who’s Been in Over 50 Films, Said Her First Actual Audition Was for ‘Quantico’  

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Priyanka Chopra may be a veteran actress and former Miss World, but auditioning for acting gigs is still a pretty new concept for her.

Chopra paid a visit to Good Morning America where she revealed that trying out for the lead role on the hit show Quantico was a first, despite having appeared in fifty plus films prior.

“It’s a really funny story,” she said, via ABC News. “I guess that’s how it’s done here. Because I ended up being Miss World, I’m just casually putting that out there, in 2000, so people kind of knew who I was and [I] was cast in movies because it made sense. And then I just ended up doing a lot of them because I guess I was decent at my job.”

However, she soon discovered that in the American TV and film industry, execs tend to follow the classic auditioning process. Meaning the stunner had to perform in the hot seat.


“When I picked Quantico as a script, I had to meet them and they had to meet me and I had to do a reading,” she continued. “I had never been in a stare-out room with seven people sitting there and had to perform. It was such a weird thing for an actor to do. I mean, I can make a complete idiot out of myself in front of 80,000 people on stage, but that is a moment which is like, my hands are getting sweaty thinking about it.”

The former beauty queen revealed that before the stressful audition, she gave herself a pep talk.

“So I talked to myself, completely cliché, in the bathroom before and said, ‘You’ve done 50 movies. What’s wrong with you?’ And I went in there, did my thing, and I got the job.”

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