Taylor Swift’s Brother Austin Swift’s Kind Words About His Sister Will Make Your Friday 

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The singer’s little bro gushes about his role model sibling!

Taylor Swift has had a rough September. First she and leading man Tom Hiddleston split after a short-yet-eventful romance. Then, Kim Kardashian revealed that Taylor’s squad of girl friends reached out to her after the reality star released a recording of the pop singer approving of her husband Kanye West’s track “Famous.” However, the songstress still has one outspoken advocate in her corner: her younger brother Austin Swift.

Recently, Austin spoke with People about his singing sis and it’s pretty inspiring stuff.

“When we were kids, I saw Taylor write songs every day for years when there was no one to play them to,” he said. “Go door-to-door dropping off demo CDs at labels that never called.”

He explained that Taylor’s drive and determination set the standard for Austin.

“Having seen that example, how much goes in, how long it took… That’s always going to be bedrock for who I am and who I want to be.”


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