Jared Leto Loses to TMZ in Lawsuit over Taylor Swift Video

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Poor, Jared Leto. The actor’s long uphill battle with TMZ has come to a close, but the results were not in his favor.

After filing a lawsuit towards the entertainment site over his alleged stolen video content, TMZ and parent company Warner Bros. successfully came out on top.

“We decided to fight back because it was the right thing to do. We will continue to fight because it is the right thing to do. Using antiquated laws to find loopholes that hurt, shame and slander people in the name of ‘news’ isn’t just a legal issue, it is a moral one,” Leto said of the ruling. “It was wrong of TMZ to purchase stolen goods. It was wrong of TMZ to exploit material that did not belong to them.”

In the buzzed about video, it shows Leto and an engineer discussing Taylor Swift’s album 1989. Then, he bluntly says “I mean, f— her. I don’t give a f— about her.”

As you know, nothing gets past TMZ. Expectedly, the popular website revealed the video in Dec. 2015. Naturally, Leto apologized for his comments. But, he filed a lawsuit against TMZ for the stolen and leaked footage.

The lawsuit mainly cites a copyright infringement claim. On top of that, he states he hired a videographer—Naeem Munaf—who sold the video to TMZ. But, after hearing about the lawsuit, TMZ came out and said that the video never belonged to Leto and it warranted the ability for Munaf to claim it.

Apparently, there wasn’t a written agreement that stated Leto’s company owned the footage. As Munaf (using a fake name) sent the video to a TMZ staffer via email on Dec. 4, he automatically shifted ownership over to the news website. As a reward, Munaf made $2000 for his deal.

Cases of this kind have been controversial within the court system for years to come. Luckily, this means Leto could potentially appeal this lawsuit.

“We are launching an appeal immediately and are confident the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will reverse this decision,” said Leto. “I hope that we will one day move toward a place where we ask how well we can treat one another rather than how badly. ”

Do you feel that the ruling was unfair towards Jared Leto? Stay tuned for more updates following the lawsuit.