Britney Spears Is Selena Gomez’s Biggest Fan: ‘I Was Really, Really Inspired by Her Work’

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The Selena Gomez fan girl in Britney Spears is alive and well.

Spears added to her reel of public Gomez praise in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph about the Glory era of her career, which is definitely not a comeback. “I’ve been here for a really long time,” Spears told the publication.

The “Make Me” artist said that Gomez’s Revival tour influenced her new material. “I just love her music,” said Spears. “I think she’s really great. So I was really, really inspired by her work.”

Spears performed in the U.K. for the first time in five years on Tuesday at the Apple Music Festival in London, surprising fans with a few of her old hits. “I feel like it’s been a while since I brought new music to the table,” Spears said of Glory. “I didn’t want to do a typical pop record for this. I wanted to do something really different.”

Other artists that she idolizes include Steven Tyler and Lenny Kravitz. “I think he exudes sex and electricity and you’re just like a magnet when you get next to him,” she said in describing Tyler.

These kind words for Gomez arrive as rumors of her being in rehab surface online. Radar reports that Gomez secretly checked into a rehabilitation center on the East Coast in early September in a “last-ditch attempt” to remedy an “emotional and health crisis” after she canceled her Revival tour in August.

“The facility is a women’s only facility in a secluded wooded area,” a source told the tabloid. “She’s staying for more than 60 days.”

The source tells Radar that Gomez is not being treated for drug-related problems and that the rehab center has a “Christianity-based track.” Neither Gomez nor her representatives have commented on this report.