Kate Hudson Wants to Record an Album Full of ‘Super Depressing’ Songs

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Kate Hudson is ready to kick start her musical career.

The actress, who has children with the Black Crowe’s Chris Robinson and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, told talk show host Jimmy Fallon of her plans to make an album during her latest appearance on the Tonight Show, saying, “I’d love to do a record.” According to Hudson, she wants to be a singer because “music is my life and it’s my first love.”

“I’ve always been scared of making music, because I like authentic [songs]. I like music that feels really honest. I love pop music! But I write music and it’s super depressing,” she said. “I just kind of feel like it’d be like, ‘Oh, Kate’s gonna do—whoa! What is that?'”

“I want to do it. I think I’m just going to do it for the sake of doing it and see how it turns out. Why not? That’s kind of how I feel,” she continued. “I’m old enough now where it doesn’t really matter anymore. Music is my life and it’s my first love.”

During the commercial break, Hudson even showed off her vocal chops by performing a quick rendition of En Vogue‘s “Hold On.” Take a look at how she did — below!