10 Celebrity Love Lives We Wish We Could Watch Play Out on TV Like ‘The Bachelor’

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As long they’re hosted by Chris Harrison, we’d definitely tune in.

Good news: ABC made the first seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette available to watch for free on their streaming apps on Thursday (Sept. 29, 2016). It will be a joy and a pleasure to relive the first two storylines of Trista Rehn and that first guy, then Rehn and Ryan Sutter that made us fall in love with watching people “fall in love,” but we can’t help but consider the celebrities whose love lives we’d enjoy rewatching in the same manner. Here are our top ten choices.

One:Katy Perry

If you were to line up all of Katy Perry’s past lovers, you might be confused as to whether you’re surrounded by celebrities or in a line at Starbucks. Her type is artistic; she does not discriminate by medium, having dated an opera singer and marrying a comedian all in the same lifetime. Now that we know that her tale has a particularly happy ending, we’d enjoy watching it from the beginning.

Two: Taylor Swift

Come back to this post when the post-production on her [new single] epic saga with Tom Hiddleston is wrapped and we will update it with a one chapter preview.

Three: Britney Spears

The main attraction here would be the scene that would take place before the 2001 American Music Awards when Spears and Justin Timberlake made the historic decision to match in denim. Maybe we’ll see it in her biopic.

Four: Leonardo DiCaprio

This would just be really helpful in determining which Victoria’s Secret models he actually dated and the exact moment when he fell in love with newsboy caps.

Five: Justin Bieber

Coursing through Justin Bieber’s love life would be the equivalent of binge-watching a season of The Bachelor cast by Tinder and produced by Catfish’s Nev Schulman. It would get great ratings among unemployed middle-aged men.

Six: Khloé Kardashian

Good Lord. Khloe’s love life is an unscripted Lifetime special that she never auditioned to star in. We bow down to her for her strength and pray for greener dating pastures ahead.

Seven: Beyoncé and Jay Z


Eight: George Clooney

There’s a good chance that you dated George Clooney for a brief moment in time without even knowing that you did. That’s how his contracts go. However, he and Amal are so picturesque together that watching their relationship blossom would be like watching a mesmerizing screensaver, but with people.

Nine: Jennifer Aniston

Apparently, there was a TV special on Brangelina’s divorce in the works at Lifetime that was canned at the last minute because NBC didn’t want to break the separated couple’s trust just in case either party felt like “opening up” in the future. This is a good thing because we already have By The Sea. Aniston’s secret wedding to Justin Theroux allegedly featured a Muppets cake, so you tell me which love story you’d rather watch.

Ten: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Once, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend traveled through all of the important physical locations from their relationship and recreated the “All Of Me” video on Snapchat. It was magical and really deserves to play out on a bigger screen.

Listen to our Celebuzz’d podcast with former Bachelor contestant Ryan Sutter in the player below.