Justin Theroux Would Like You to Stop Staring at His Penis

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A few years ago, Justin Theroux got all of us all hot and bothered when he went out jogging in some pretty revealing sweatpants for his TV series, giving viewers a pretty good look at what is meant to be for Jennifer Aniston‘s eyes only. So, how does he feel now that his manparts have been forever immortalized on HBO’s The Leftovers?

I don’t want to say objectified, but it was embarrassing. It’s like having someone yank your shorts down in public. It doesn’t feel great,” the Girl on the Train star tells Elle. “Anyone who has an unflattering picture taken of them would probably say, ‘Join the club.'”

He adds, “It has the appearance of a compliment, but it’s more mortifying than anything else.”


For Theroux, who wed Aniston in 2015 after four years of dating, being constantly watched by the public does make him behave differently. Though he unabashedly enjoys watching The Bachelor and sings Pink‘s “Get the Party Started” at any karaoke party, he admits having Aniston as a wife does prevent him from doing some of the things he did before marrying the A-lister.

“It’s a luxury problem, but I would love to walk around New York with my wife. Take her to Washington Square Park,” he says, noting that it’s the same place he found his white pit bull Puma before she died. “It would turn into a shit show [if I did]. It would be not fun.”

That aside, Theroux explains that married life does have its upside. As a believer in monogamy, the 45-year-old reveals he’s gotten noticeably calmer since getting hitched in a secret ceremony.

“I think it taught me to settle a little bit. It does have a calming effect,” he says. “When you hear about people in the ’50s getting married at 20, you’re like, What were they thinking? My grandparents were together for over 50 years. My grandfather used to write one sentence every day in his journal: ‘I love Anne more than ever today.’ I think that was his meditation— keeping him in his marriage, and also his appreciation for it. It was very touching.”