Brody Jenner Apologizes for ‘Misguided’ Comments on Black Lives Matter Movement

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Brody Jenner is apologizing after receiving serious backlash over his comments on the Black Lives Matter movement last week.

Last week, in a now-deleted Instagram, Jenner reposted a comment made by his friend Taylor Mosher about the killingsof  Keith Lamont Scott and Terence Crutcher. In it, his friend criticized the behavior of the men and any person who doesn’t “comply” with police orders. Mosher’s original comments were as follows:

“I can’t even watch the news anymore without getting pissed off. This has nothing to do with race. White, black, brown, any color… if you have an officer of the law telling you to exit your vehicle (or do anything for that matter)… you comply. And not only do you comply, but you do so willingly and follow directions completely. And why in the world would you exit that vehicle with a weapon in hand (allegedly?!) That makes no sense! And if, let’s just say, you DON’T have a gun, why would you not put your hands up in the air and state “I do not have a gun” so that the officers can clearly see that you don’t??”

Jenner responded, “Amen T!”

After receiving intense backlash, Jenner deleted the original post and apologized for his “misguided” comments, admitted he was not educated on the topic, and said he had spoken “out of turn.” 

After taking some time to reflect and learn a lot over the last few days, I want to address my careless and misguided posts last weekend. Having done more research into the Black Lives Matter movement, including reading a very informative editorial by @lmanisviney, I realize that my comments weren’t thoughtful or substantiated. I spoke out of turn on a subject I wasn’t particularly educated on. It was never my intention to exacerbate an already contentious situation in our country. I am a firm supporter of the African American community and I am grateful that my mistake allowed me the opportunity to increase my own awareness of Black Lives Matter, and hope that going forward we can continue this conversation in a positive and peaceful way.

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