Authorities Beginning to Believe Kim Kardashian’s Robbery Was an Inside Job as Insiders Reveal How She Escaped

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More Details Emerge on What Happened to Kim Kardashian During Her Terrifying Ordeal
It's going to take a while before Kim Kardashian feel safe again.

After Kim Kardashian‘s horrifying robbery early Monday morning (Oct. 3, 2016), French authorities are trying to figure out exactly how it happened.

Considering Kim was staying in one of the most exclusive hotels in Paris and is almost always with security, authorities are beginning to believe the robbery was an inside job. TMZ reports the Kardashian family is certain there is no way Kim’s longtime bodyguard Pascal Duvier was in on it, but someone who knew her whereabouts and when she would be without her security must have tipped off the robbers.

Authorities reportedly have a long list of suspects, including people in Kim’s personal circle, Paris Fashion Week attendees, and other residents of the No Address hotel. There are allegedly security tapes of some of the robbery, police are currently going over the tapes and checking phone records in search of any suspicious activity.

As authorities begin to piece together the details of the terrifying ordeal, new details about how Kim managed to escape have begun to emerge. According to E!after the robbers left, Kim was able to make her way downstairs with duct tape still on her legs, to the room where family friend and stylist Simone Harouche was staying. Once she made it to Harouche, who’d locked herself in the bathroom when she heard the commotion upstairs, she instructed the stylist to jump off of the balcony and go find help.

Luckily, while Harouche was in the bathroom during the attack, she texted Kourtney Kardashian and Duvier and told them to hurry back because she believed something was horribly wrong. Kourtney and Duvier, along with sister Kendall Jennerarrived back at the apartment just minutes after the attack.

While Kourtney, Kendall, and Kris Jenner were in Paris when the attack took place and immediately rushed to Kim’s side, siblings Rob and Khloé Kardashian were halfway around the world when they heard the news. Rob was at his baby shower with fiancée Blac Chyna when he heard the news. E! reports a family member notified the couple of the robbery and they immediately removed themselves from the festivities to make some calls.

Once the parents-to-be learned Kim was physically unharmed, they made their way back to the celebration but were still very shaken up. Khloé was in Cleveland with her new boyfriend Tristan Thompson when she was told about the incident. Khloé was seen back in L.A. Monday afternoon with a heightened security detail. Kourtney, who was with Kim in Paris, was also seen back in L.A. Monday afternoon with a significantly larger security detail.

For now, Kim is back in New York with her husband Kanye West and their children, North and Saint West. It will be a while before Kim feels safe again, but sources revealed to People that she already feels much better after being reunited with her family. The family plans to stay in New York for the next few days, and West has even postponed a few tour dates to spend more time with his wife.