A Pretty in Pink Beyoncé Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Pretty in pink!

As per usual, Beyoncé was fly AF when she stepped out in New York City on Wednesday (Oct 5, 2016). Clad in a studded pink leather jacket, sparkly striped skirt, and matching Gucci hat and clutch, the “Formation” looking like a total boss as she chatted on her phone while heading into a Manhattan office.

According to her former stylist, the key to dressing Queen Bey is “making sure that she still felt like Beyoncé” in the clothes that have been chosen for her.

“You’ve just got to do a great job because she’s a professional and she wants things done right and she wants things done perfect,” Ashton Michael, who designed Beyoncé’s bodysuit for last year’s Super Bowl halftime performance, told People. “She’s not having someone tell her what’s good.”

He added, “She has still has a very clear idea of what she wants, which is wonderful.”

Earlier this week, Bey was spotted rocking a custom AKID denim with the word “slay” emblazoned on the back. She accessorized her statement-making look with a clutch that read, “I kiss better than I cook.”

Slay, indeed!

CREDIT: Beyonce.com