‘Emotionally Damaged’ Kim Kardashian Is ‘Blaming Herself’ as Reports She Was Being Followed Days Before the Robbery Surface

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Kim Kardashian is still reeling from her terrifying armed robbery early Monday morning (Oct. 3, 2016), but as new details come to light, Kim is vowing to make some major changes.

Even though Kim is back safe in NYC with Kanye West and their children, she is still helping the Paris police piece together the events of that night, and now it seems the concierge at the No Address hotel who brought the robbers up to Kim’s apartment is a major suspect. TMZ reports Kim told police the concierge brought the masked men up in her private elevator and opened the door all while being handcuffed and seemingly threatened.

Kim told police she engaged the concierge, asking him if they were going to die to which he replied, “I don’t know.” Kim noted that despite being handcuffed and threatened with a gun, the concierge remained very calm throughout the whole ordeal. When the armed robbers got what the came for, they took the concierge, leaving Kim locked in the bathroom, and dropped him off in the lobby still handcuffed before fleeing on bikes.

The concierge is just one person of interest on authorities’ long list as they are also searching for the men who were allegedly following Kim around Paris posing as paparazzi, days before the incident. The Daily Mail reports Kim’s car was being followed by a gray Fiat 500 with two men inside as she, Kanye, and Kourtney Kardashian left a fitting at Givenchy.

The car was caught on video constantly cutting off other cars and motorbikes in hopes to get closer to Kim’s car. Other experienced paparazzi said the men didn’t look like they had cameras, that they were just talking on the phone and “dressed smartly.” The same men tried to gain access to a restaurant right after Kim, Kourtney, and Kanye  went inside, and when they were denied access claimed they were detectives, but failed to provide any documentation to prove so. The men, who are being described as “Caucasian” and “North African,” are now prime suspects in the case.

As authorities try to piece together who did what, Kim is trying to emotionally recover from the traumatizing incident. Sources tell E! that the mother-of-two is “emotionally damaged” adding, “It was incredibly frightening and it’s going to take a while to get over it.” While sources tell People Kim is “blaming herself” for flaunting her expensive possessions on social media.

West has reportedly offered to buy Kim the $4.5 million ring again, as he wants everything to “go back to normal,” but Kim has told him she doesn’t want it and plans on making some major changes going forward. In addition to heightened security for the entire family, Kim is allegedly rethinking how she does everything, from the way she dresses, to what she posts on social media, and even how she interacts with fans. “Everything will change,” a source told People. “It changes the whole family.”