‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 – Chapter 4 Recap

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

This season of American Horror Story is offering up new background on the Lost Colony and it’s heretical leader in latest episode. We’ve also learned how these restless spirits somehow manage to cross over…into the real world.

As last episode ended, Lee’s re-enactor (Angela Bassett) was hauled off to jail after Shelby (Sarah Paulson) turned her in, believing she killed Flora (Saniyya Sidney). But something else happened in the episode’s final moments: Shelby saw Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) in a trance while have sex with a mysterious woman (Lady Gaga) in the woods.

In the new episode, Matt somehow convinces Shelby that he doesn’t remember what happened. She believes him, but she also knows what she saw. The first terrifying sequence in Chapter 4 is the latest appearance from the Pig Man, one of The Butcher’s victims. However, Dr. Elias Cunningham (Denis O’Hare) arrives at the last moment and wills the spirit away with a single word. That’s right: Croatoan.

In an effort to win the couple’s trust, Cunningham shows the couple his detailed history of the evil-magnet-of-a-house and explains that during a six-day lunar cycle every October, to quote Cricket (Leslie Jordan), “the spirits go from loathsome to lethal.” As in they can actually kill living people. Oh yeah, and it starts tonight!

Cunningham also knows who Priscilla (Flora’s invisible friend) is and leads them to a field where all The Butcher’s victims have the missing young girl. But before Matt and Shelby can rescue her, more spirits shoot Cunningham with arrows and chase the couple away.

Just as they return home, Cricket greets them and explains his new plan. He ventures out to speak with the vengeful spirits again, this time encountering Gaga’s powerful witch, who show’s her how the Lost Colony flourished: they offered up human sacrifices. Cricket also learns that The Butcher personally killed the entire colony and made a pact with the witch, binding her and her colonists to the accursed land forever.

Next, Matt is woken in the night by a sound (an extremely common occurrence this season) and finds himself drawn to the nearby cellar where he and the witch once again get funky together. That’s right, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Lady Gaga have another sex scene, and this is one has a bit more panache.

When Shelby wakes alone, she ventures outside to find The Butcher and her creepy band of torchbearers approaching with Flora. Although Matt (who escapes the witch’s spell) and Shelby rescue Flora, thanks to young Priscilla, Cricket was not so lucky. He had been captured by the ruthless colonists who literally disembowel him as Matt and Shelby watch helplessly.

We can only assume that the remainder of the season will run the course of the next six days, when the spirits are able to do damage. With the death of Cunningham and Cricket, its begs the question: Who can help the couple survive the colonists? Those two were the experts!

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