Anton Yelchin’s Car Dealership Is Blaming Him for His Own Death

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Anton Yelchin's Jeep Was Recalled, Actor Died Within Minutes of Impact
More details surrounding Anton Yelchin's untimely death has surfaced.

Is Anton Yelchin responsible for his own death? According to the dealership that sold the late actor the faulty car that killed him: Yes.

In legal papers filed by Valencia CJD, a car dealership located in Valencia, Calif., they deny all liability in the Star Trek star’s accident in June, where Yelchin was killed after his Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled back and crushed him. The dealership places the blame solely on Yelchin for allegedly misusing the vehicle.

“Defendant alleges the injuries and damages, if any, or which the plaintiffs complain were caused and/or contributed to by the negligence of plaintiffs’ decedent which bars any recovery herein or the alleged damages of plaintiffs, in any, are reduced according to law,” the filing, obtained by The Wrap, reads.

The documents, which were filed with Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday (Oct. 3, 2016), also respond to the wrongful death lawsuit launched by Yelchin’s parents this summer that held Valencia CJD, Fiat Chrysler and ZF North America responsible for the fatal incident.

“Defendant alleges the damages allegedly sustained by plaintiffs were the proximate result of plaintiffs’, decedent’s or other’s misuse, misapplication or damage of the product or modification, repair and/or maintenance of the product involved which failed to conform with defendant’s specifications, it reads.

Yelchin’s late-model Jeep reportedly had a faulty e-shift and lacked the grooves found in old school transmissions that allowed drivers to feel the various gears. Fiat Chrysler recalled more than 800,000 vehicles in April after receiving hundreds of complaints on the matter, though it was reported that Yelchin received his recall notice in the mail seven days after his death.

Yelchin passed away on June 19 from “blunt traumatic asphyxia” after his car rolled back on his driveway and pinned him against the security gate at his Studio City, Calif. home. He was 27.