‘Superstore’ Star Ben Feldman Talks Tackling Social Issues in Season 2 and Joining Lipton for Chef Fest

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“I can make guacamole and I can scramble an egg,” Ben Feldman told Celebuzz with a laugh when asked about his cooking prowess. But despite his inexperience in the kitchen, the leading man is a diehard foodie. In fact, he recently partnered with Lipton to host an event alongside celeb chef Michael Symon in Washington D.C. where they cooked up Twice Fried Chicken and reminded those in attendance that the best meals are the ones shared with good people.

“Not to sound like a grandfather but everything is phones and email, no one is looking up and no one’s communicating anymore,” he said. “So it’s a real cool thing that Lipton’s doing this because there’s literally one thing left in my life where you’re forced to sit down and actually connect with other humans that you care about and that’s meals. Which I think is why I’ve become so obsessed with food in the past 10 years; because it’s the last thing left that feels genuine.”

Feldman is a D.C. native and a fanatic when it comes to Maryland crab. So when they drew up their plans for the Chef Fest event, one ingredient was a must: Old Bay seasoning.

Lipton's Chef Fest
CREDIT: Kevin Wolf/Invision for Lipton/AP Images

“We used Lipton Half & Half for the brine and put Old Bay seasoning on it. It was really really great,” he said. “It reminded me of the fried chicken my dad used to make me when I came home miserable from swim meets when I was a kid.”

Like his love for food, the 36-year-old actor also enjoys tackles hard-hitting social issues as a performer, which gives his NBC show Superstore surprising poignancy for a sitcom.

“We get real issue-y. Right out of the gate there’s workers’ rights, and union issues and there’s transgender issues and gun laws,” he said when describing the show’s second season. “The writers are fearless and really fun and they take what everybody is talking about in regular day life…it’s something that everybody can relate to.”

Although it’s not easy, Feldman went on to explain that balancing humor with issues people care about is how Superstore has found it’s audience, not by shying away from the headlines.

“This is what people are talking about, why shouldn’t we?” he stated. “It feels like a lie if we’re going to avoid these topics.”

Lipton’s next Chef Fest is Oct. 15, 2016 in Chicago. Click here for details!