Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon Return to ‘SNL’

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Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon made a surprising, yet unforgettable return to SNL.

On Oct. 8, the duo joined “Weekend Update” host Colin Jost as female Philadelphia voters while Lin-Manuel Miranda took on the role as the show’s host. To make the most of their return, Fey and Fallon dressed head to toe in their best Philly attire while putting on local accents as Denise and Doreene.

Jost introduced the SNL alumni’s segment after he briefly discussed presidential candidate Donald Trump’s negative comments on women and how women are the most important voices in the upcoming election.


“You love Trump,” Fey said. “You’re always like, ‘Oh his hair’s real, ya know,” jokingly poking at Trump’s recent The Tonight Show appearance.

“I don’t like that he called Alicia Machado fat,” Fallon says in response.

The former SNL cast mates also made a point to show that they don’t care for Trump’s VP elect Mike Pence either.

“He seems normal because he’s next to Trump, he’s really Biff from Back to the Future,” Fey explains. “Also it’s 2016, what old white man still thinks he’s in charge of gays and women?”

Now, don’t think that Hillary Clinton came out unscathed. C’mon, this is SNL. Of course, she was made fun of too.

Fey shared that she had problems with Clinton because of how she handled Bill Clinton’sMonica Lewinsky scandal, suggesting that she “didn’t finish the job.”

In response, Fallon added that “men are always gonna be gross.”

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