Kim Kardashian Believes Robbers Were Amateurs, Kris Jenner Speaks Out for the First Time

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Report: Kim Kardashian’s Stolen Diamond Cross Was Found
Looks like it wasn't such a clean getaway after all.

It’s been over a week since Kim Kardashian was gagged, bound, and robbed of millions of dollars in jewelry, but it seems as though authorities will be piecing together the details for months to come.

Kardashian has been speaking with Paris authorities on a daily basis and the latest piece of information that she’s offered might be the biggest clue yet. The mother of two thinks that the men who pulled off the heist were actually amateurs; not hardened professional criminals as everyone was led to believe.

TMZ reports that Kardashian revealed that the robbers were tentative and seemed to argue about their plan of action. They apparently took Kardashian in and out of the bathtub several times and pointed the gun at her and then put it down, only to point it at her again. And as for the police uniforms that were supposed to fool everyone, Kardashian said they looked like they came from a costume shop.

While Kardashian and authorities work together to get to the bottom of the robbery, Kris Jenner joined her family in speaking out on social media about the matter. In a heartfelt Instagram post, the matriarch of the family wrote, “I am grateful for my family who I love more than words can explain.”

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As the family tries to recover, a costume company is trying to make a profit from the horrifying ordeal. Costumeish just unveiled a “Parisian heist robbery victim” costume, just in time for Halloween.

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The tasteless costume features a robe, fake 20-carat ring, wrist ties, and a mouth gag. While the website didn’t name the costume after Kardashian directly, they called the woman the “America’s goddess of all things glamorous.”