‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 – Chapter 5 Recap

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Say what you want about American Horror Story, but they pack a whole lot into each episode! And the latest chapter was no exception. They laid out another dark period in the spooky house’s history, Lee (Angela Bassett) is back and an unlikely (completely dead) hero steps up.

Before last week cut to credits, the Southern medium Cricket (Leslie Jordan) was ripped apart outside the haunted home by the Butcher (Kathy Bates) before she invited Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Shelby (Sarah Paulson) to come out and meet their ends.

But before we return to that terrifying standoff in the new episode, we must discuss Edward Felippe Mott (Evan Peters channeling the wiles of Jack Sparrow), the man who built the giant home in 1792. The real-life historian Doris Kearns Goodwin even offered viewers the details on Mott’s acquisition of the land and commissioning of the home. Building it directly on the Lost Colony’s cursed land. Needless to say, Mott didn’t reside long at the house. At least, not as a living person.

Okay, back to the Butcher laying siege to the home! In an effort to protect Flora (Saniyya Sidney), Matt says he’ll make a run for it and instructs Shelby to take Flora and a car and drive away as fast as they can. However, the Butcher and her son Ambrose (Wes Bentley) quickly light their cars on fire. That’s when Matt, Flora and Shelby are assaulted by all the Butcher’s terrifying victims, guiding them to the basement.

Just as hope is waning, Mott’s spirit appears to lead the trio from the murderous-spirit-infested premises. The wigged gentleman (whose ghostly face will likely haunted your dreams) guides them out into the wilderness, then vanishes.

But just as they escape from one bloodthirsty clan, they fall into the hands of another – the Polks. They were the family with the feral children who also wanted to buy the home in the first episode. The terrifying family kidnap Matt, Shelby and Flora and take them to their home where we learn Dr. Elia Cunningham’s (Denis O’Hare) truly grotesque fate. It turns out the Polks are cannibals and Cunningham was on the menu… However, their new arrivals are set to be hand-delivered to the Butcher. It’s part of a pact which protects the Polks from the cleaver-wielding colonist leader’s vengeance.

We soon learn that Lee had been interrogated for 48 hours at the police station before being released. She immediately heads back to the house, anxious to search for Flora. She arrives just as Matt, Shelby and her daughter are presented to the Butcher by the Polks. But it is isn’t Lee who rescues her family. In a surprising turn, the Butcher’s son Ambrose, apparently tired of making blood sacrifices, attacks his mother and forces her into the waiting fire. The family make their getaway, even as the Butcher, covered in flames, chases their car.

In many ways, a large portion of this season appears to have ended. We might not be seeing our re-enactors again. Meaning the focus will shift to the real characters played by André Holland, Lily Rabe and Adina Porter. But what about the Wood Witch (Lady Gaga)? Will she be back? Are the nasty nurses going to return? And what reason could possibly convince these people to return to that house?!

Until next week!