John Legend Shares Baby Luna Stories on Ellen

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John Legend Serenades Baby Luna in Cutest Video Ever
How freaking adorable is it to see John Legend serenade his baby girl?

John Legend appeared on Ellen to promote his upcoming movie, La La Landand Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t resist asking about his six-month-old daughter, Luna. Can you blame her?

As the interview went on, photos of baby Luna were projected onto the screen behind Legend and DeGeneres, and they are seriously adorable. DeGeneres mentioned that when Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, was on the show, she said that Luna had inherited Legend’s temperament. He agrees.

“She’s pretty chill so far, and I’m the chill one, of course,” he said. “Luna, she smiles a lot… I got a good temperament so far. We’re knocking on wood though, ’cause you never know. They got time.”

Legend seemed especially nervous about when Luna turns two, but DeGeneres reassured him that not all twos are so terrible (#NotAllTwos).

The singer also spoke briefly about he and Teigen campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Just the other day, he was in Ohio registering college kids to vote and before that he and Teigen were in Nevada doing the same. “We’ve been having fun out there,”

Finally, they talk about Legend’s upcoming movie musical, La La Land. In it, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone play two characters who move to Los Angeles and fall in love. The movie is already getting Oscar buzz, and Legend even wrote a song for it.

Check out the full interview in the video above.