Amber Tamblyn Pens Powerful Op-Ed About Misogyny and Donald Trump

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Amber Tamblyn Shares Her Sexual Assault Story
Amber Tamblyn shared a shocking story from her past.

Less than a week after sharing her personal story about sexual assault, Amber Tamblyn penned a new opinion piece for Glamour about presidential candidate Donald Trump and his misogynistic behavior.

Blasting the businessman-turned-politician as the “winner of the Cave Man Cognition medal, the Menacing Lady Lurker medal and the Demigod of Demagoguery medal,” the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actress urged readers to realize how manipulative Trump is and how he’s perpetuating misogyny through his speech and action.

“As I watched Trump’s press conference with four women accusing Bill Clinton—the husband of Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton—of harassment or assault, I had a moment of whatever the opposite of clarity is. I thought to myself: What is Misogyny? No, seriously, what the hell is it?” she wrote. “As enraging as Trump’s manipulative stunt was, his message and that of his supporters was clear: What Bill Clinton did is far worse than what Trump merely said.”

“The man is not running for President. Hillary Clinton is. Distorting her fealty to marriage vows and her loyalty to her family—something surely the family values voters on the right can understand—and implying that she is somehow a greater danger to women than Trump is deeply and horrifically wrong,” she continued, explaining that Trump, who is running to become Commander in Chief, has also been accused of sexual misconduct. “Right now we want and need accountability on this particular topic—not from the Clintons, but from the unstable man who might get to dictate words and actions that pertain specifically to us, women, like say, the policies of our bodies.”

Tamblyn argued that misogyny still exists and that, If you’re a woman in America there’s a 10 in 10 chance you’ve experienced it—whether you recognize it or not, whether you’re ready to admit it or not.”

“Trump is so tangled up in his own bending and shifting moral compass, he now walks the talk and talks the gutter talk-walk-talk. And misogyny weaves through the continuum of these words and actions,” she concluded. “For those that don’t believe me, for those that can’t see it—and certainly can’t see it in Donald Trump, the man running for President of the United States—look at the woman you’re with.”

Previously, Tamblyn spoke out about being sexually assaulted by an ex-boyfriend — who forcefully manhandled her vagina as he carried her out of a club against her will — after tapes of Trump boasting about grabbing women “by the pussy” leaked online. According to her, she wanted to share the story to “to connect the illusory dots between words and actions pertaining to violence against women.”