Natalie Portman Says She’s ‘Disappointed’ in the ‘Vulgarity’ of the Current Election Cycle

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Here's Your First Look at Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy in 'Jackie'
The first teaser trailer for Jackie is here, and it looks amazing.

Last night (Oct. 13, 2016), at the premiere of her upcoming film Jackiean autobiographical film about former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, Natalie Portman admitted taking on the role was a daunting task.

“I was very nervous,” she told ET. “I mean, people are very aware of what she looked like and what she sounded like and what she moved like. And it’s challenging because you want to approximate that as much as possible. And luckily there was a wealth of information out there that I could draw from.”

But Kennedy isn’t the only former FLOTUS on Portman’s mind. The actress admitted she’s very excited to possibly see Hillary Clinton become the next President of the United States, even if she’s “disappointed” with this year’s election. “I’m very excited to see Hillary become president,” she said. “And it’s of course been a disappointing election cycle to hear the vulgarity as opposed to people talking about the issues, [but] I think Hillary has been great about bringing it back to that when there’s a lot of noise.”