Watch Beyoncé Rip Her Ear, Bleed on Stage But Keep Right on Performing

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Trump Supporter Feels the Wrath from Beyoncé's BeyHive
Hasn't Betsy McCaughey learned never to mess with Beyoncé's BeyHive? Clearly, she needs to get it formation

Always the consummate performer, Beyoncé didn’t let a little bleeding from her ear stand in the way of putting on an awesome show.

On Saturday night (Oct. 15, 2016) at the Tidal X 1015 concert at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center, the Queen B accidentally ripped out an elaborate earring from one ear during a performance of “Haunted,” thanks, it looks like, to her long braid.

Then Bey noticed the blood trickling off her ear and, after calmly wiping it away, she continued her performance without a hitch. The Daily Bey tweeted it below:

Launch the gallery above of Beyoncé’s fierce performance above!