Report: Here’s Why Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Broke Up

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This summer, we reported that Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smartcalled it quits yet again. Now, we’re getting some new details on why this adorable couple decided to part ways. According to an insider with People, J.Lo’s former flame reportedly fooled around behind her back, and in August, she finally got fed up and pulled the plug!

She kicked him out because he cheated on her and he got caught,” the insider reveals. “It happened two years ago, and he promised he would never do it again and once he did, she was done.”

According to People’s source, Smart is now on a crusade to win back his gorgeous ex-girlfriend… but she isn’t biting.

Lately, “he’s been doing everything he can to get back together, working on himself and posting on his Instagram saying that ‘Life is Good’ and showing off his new leg tattoo that says ‘You must embrace the darkness to see the light.’”

“He says he’s changed and that he is a new man but recently, on a video shoot for Wisin in Mexico, he was posting videos with bikini-clad dancers and not acting like a guy trying to remedy old habits,” the source continued.

Are these two done for good this time? Stay tuned!