Zac Efron Turns 29 Today and Is Still Really, Really Hot

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The Hollywood heartthrob turns 29 today (Oct. 18, 2016)!

It seems like just yesterday Zac Efron was singing and dancing on the Wildcats basketball court, right? From his teenage years acting in High School Musical to his role in comedy hit Neighbors, we’ve watched Efron grow up before our very eyes.

The actor’s career took off just ten years ago when he was 19. Since then, his career has only skyrocketed and shows no sign of stopping. Aside from his acting career, his personal life is always buzzing online as an active Instagram user. He’s open with his fans, sharing pics of his friends, backstage bloopers with his fellow cast members, and, most importantly, shirtless photos of himself. The dreamy star has certainly taken advantage of his chiseled-by-the-gods abs during his roles over the years. Oh, and if you were wondering, he’s single.

Today, we celebrate the actor and his ability to only grow more attractive with age. Check out the gallery at the top of the page for even more hot photos of Efron. (We know you want to!)