Aaron Paul Returns to Film in Sci-Fi Thriller

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Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has had a very successful TV career, but when it comes to theatrical film, his record is a little spottier. Androidcould very well change that.

We love Paul as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad and as Eddie Lane on Hulu’s The Path, but he’s had a little more difficulty when it comes to feature films. Need for Speed didn’t seem to light anyone’s fire and most people decided to skip Exodus: Gods and Kings

Paul’s next film has some serious potential, though. According to a report in Variety, he’s joining Olga Kurylenko in Android, a science fiction thriller directed by Niall Johnson, a British director known for The Big Swap and White Noise.

In the film, Paul will play the lone passenger on a spaceship orbiting Neptune. He tries to rebuild his dead wife (Kurylenko) and son as androids, but his creations begin to resist the roles they’re given.

Producer Margot Hand told Variety, “We are so excited to see what Aaron and Olga can bring to this film. Niall and Matt (O’Reilly) have written a genre-bending and thrilling film that is grounded in the relationship of two complicated and interesting characters.”

There’s no official release date yet, but according to IMDB, Aaron Paul’s foray into sci-fi will begin filming in early 2017.