Lady Gaga Says Fame Is ‘Alienating’ and ‘Toxic’

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Fame has allowed Lady Gaga to share her music with the world, and while she’s grateful for all of her success, she thinks being famous has got some serious downsides.

“Fame is so alienating and it’s toxic for the creative process, for me, because I need human connection in order to write music,” Gaga said Monday (Oct. 17, 2016) on SiriusXM’s Feedback talk show. “If I go to a bar or to the grocery store or wherever and I try to talk to somebody and the whole time they’re screaming or trying to take a picture, I can’t get to know them.”

“I can’t ask them a question. I can’t learn about their life or share something about mine. I don’t get asked very often, you know, really super deep things about myself and that is hard and it’s scary,” she continued. “Really scary because you just feel like, ‘Will I ever, ever again talk to somebody and have them see me as a person?’”

Despite the downsides of fame, Gaga has managed to always communicate with her fans through her music and her upcoming album, Joanne, might be her most honest album yet. “I wouldn’t say that it’s necessarily thematically painful the whole way through — because it’s quite a fun album as well,” she revealed. “The pain is in my voice.”

Her pain is so real and so raw, listening to the album brought her mother to tears. “I said ‘What’s wrong?’ and she just said, ‘Nothing, it’s so good and I don’t want you to take this the wrong way because it’s not a bad thing, but, like, you’re voice just sounds different,’ ” Gaga explained.

“I said, ‘What’s different?’ and she just said ‘I can just hear that you’re in some emotional pain.’”