Jon Hamm Admits He ‘Wasn’t Ready’ to Lose His Virginity

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Jon Hamm recalled the first time he had sex, admitting losing his virginity was an incredibly awkward experience.

Considering he’s one of the most well-endowed celebrities in Hollywood, the actor’s first time was far from perfect. So much so, that if he could, he could change everything about it.

“There’s no version of it that’s not awkward,” he told Elle magazine. “Let’s put it this way: As much as I had practiced, I was still not quite ready for game time.”

Hamm, 45, also revealed that he lost his virginity when he was a 19-years-old college student, which surprised his interviewer. “I don’t know why that would surprise you,” the Mad Men alum said. “Maybe it’s easy for some people. It certainly wasn’t for me.”

As for his current love life, Hamm — who split from his longtime partner, Jennifer Westfeldt, a year ago — is not at all ready to date just yet.