The 22 Best ‘The Walking Dead’ Quotes of All Time

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'The Walking Dead' Will Return for an Eighth Season
We may soon see the last of a beloved character, but our favorite zombie horror TV show isn't leaving us anytime soon

Oh, boy. All die-hard fans are both excited – and dreading – the return of The Walking Dead on Sunday (Oct. 23, 2016).

On the one hand, we are excited for Season 7 of the hit AMC show to start because the wait will finally be over. On the other hand, it’s going to be a painful beginning as we finally find out who new villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is going to bludgeon to death with his bat, Lucille.

Which beloved character will we be losing? Speculations and theories abound (Glenn? Abraham?), but whoever it is, we are most likely going to have to take days to process – much like we’ve had to do again and again since the series began.

To remind you of some of those moments, we’ve collected 22 great quotes from The Walking Dead over the past six seasons. Launch the gallery above!