Kesha Opens Up About Dr. Luke in First Interview Since Sexual Assault Lawsuit Filing

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Kesha Is Working on a New Album
The 29-year-old performer is hard at work on music for a new album!

In her first interview since accusing Dr. Luke of sexual and emotional abuse, Kesha opened up about her experience with her former producer.

In the legal docs, she claimed Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, called her a “fat fucking refrigerator” and often criticized her weight in front of people, among many other things.

Speaking with the New York Times, the 29-year-old singer explained, “I was under immense pressure to starve myself. And I tried to and almost killed myself in the process.”

Kesha also talked about how he wanted her to dumb-down her lyrics. Her song “TiK ToK,” for example, was originally written with a more nuanced and ironic slant, but Dr. Luke wanted something simpler. She recalled, “I remember specifically him saying: ‘Make it more dumb. Make it more stupid. Make it more simple, just dumb.’ I was like, O.K., ‘Boys try to touch my junk. Going to get crunk. Everybody getting drunk,’ or whatever, and he was like, ‘Perfect.’”

However, Kesha admitted things between her and Dr. Luke started to crumble when she balked at offensive lines that started to make their way onto her tracks. “Lyrics that would say: ‘Get that heifer out my face. I’m going to pull your ponytail back because you don’t know me, bitch, you phony trick,’” she said. “I was like, O.K., not going to sing that. I will not sing those words. Like, no. And then there was this argument about it.”

In August, Kesha filed to dismiss her sexual assault lawsuit in California, leaving her pursuit of an appeal in New York. The producer has long denied the allegations against him and claims the “Die Young” singer just wanted to break her contract with him and his label.

Just last week, Kesha and Sony Music announced that she is working on new music, which will end up on her first album in four years.

Update (3:50PST): Dr. Luke has released a statement about Kesha’s interviews… read it here.