35 Fall Handbags You Can Fit All Your Things In

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Let us help you find a handbag to carry all of your things around in style!

Tiny handbags and purses can’t carry enough items for your everyday travels. You will eventually need something other than your ID and your keys. Carry around your daily necessities like your laptop, books, water bottles and more in these larger handbags.

Satchel Bags

Satchel bags are ideal for someone who wants to carry around books or laptops. They are similar to briefcases in structure but, are softer in material and much more stylish. They have handles you can use to carry them by hand, as well as a strap you can hang on your shoulders. The structure of these bags makes sure your things are safe and well protected. Satchels have flat paneling and studs along the base of these bags. This detailing allows your bag to sit balanced on the floor when you have stuffed it to capacity and your shoulders need a break. Check out some structured bags below.

Tote Bags

Tote bags also have structure. but not as much as satchels. The bottom of the bag is supported while the rest of the bag has more flexibility. Tote bags do not have all of the hardware and compartments that satchels do, and they are more simplistic in design. They come with an optional shoulder strap but are mostly carried in hand by the two handles or brought up to the shoulders. Here are seven of our favorites.

Hobo Bags

If structure is not a big deal to you, and all you need is the extra space, consider hobo bags, which have two straps with a flexible material in the middle forming a distinguishing curve. They usually have a zipper-close. Hobo bags are more casual than the satchel and tote bags. They do not usually have many compartments (aside from one for your smaller items), and the absence of detailed construction allows the bag to stretch and feel more comfy in your lap. Check out these seven cute hobo bags.

Colorful Options

Smaller bags and purses are always so cute, and style is one of the factors that seem to get lost when adding more room into a bag. You don’t have to choose between size for fashion with these bags. These large bags make a fashion statement by stepping outside of the normal color palette of black and brown as well as exploring different patterns and textures. Here are nine options for you to consider.

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