WATCH: Christina Applegate Says It’s a ‘Miracle’ That She Made Through Her Childhood

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Though Christina Applegate became a child of divorce just shortly after she was born, she was able to have a normal childhood thanks to her mother, Nancy Priddy.

In a never-before-seen interview provided to Celebuzz for the home entertainment release of Bad Moms, Applegate credits Priddy for being her rock even when their family was going through some rough times.

“You were dealing with a lot of things, and the fact that I made it out of that house and out of my childhood okay is a testament to you,” the actress, holding Priddy’s hand, tells her mom in the exclusive clip. “It’s a miracle that we’re okay, and that’s because she kept making sure that I was okay.”

Priddy separated from record producer Robert Applegate after her daughter’s birth. Though she was a single mother, she made sure she spend much time with her daughter as possible.

“We used to hang out a lot,” Priddy explained. “We did a lot of car time and we used to sing in the car.”

Watch the mother-and-daughter duo perform their favorite road trip song — above!

Bad Moms is available on DVD and Blu-ray Nov. 1.