WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Annual Halloween Candy Prank on His Daughter

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This year, Jimmy Kimmel pulled his Halloween candy prank on his two-year-old daughter, Jane.

Over the years, the late night TV host has asked parents to destroy their children’s joy by telling them they ate all their Halloween candy. But for the first time in the six years, he has a kid of his own old enough to pull his famous prank on.

“She was very excited about the candy, even though she doesn’t know the difference between lollipops and popsicles,” he said before noting that she “says ‘no’ to everything.”

Although most children fall to the ground, scream, and even sometimes hit their parents, Jane took the news like a champ. However, there were still plenty of distraught kids who fell for his prank. Watch the video below to see their hysterical reactions.