Kendall Jenner Doesn’t Think She Can Fly Anymore Because of Her ‘Frightening’ Health Issues

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Kendall Jenner Reveals She's Suffering from a Mystery Illness on 'KUWTK'
Kendall Jenner opened up her mysterious health condition in a new sneak peek.

Kendall Jenner opens up even more about the scary health issues she’s been dealing with.

In a previous teaser for Sunday’s (Nov. 6, 2016) episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendall relays her fears about her health, which mom Kris Jenner calls “anxiety.”

In a longer clip, the model becomes overwhelmed when going over her hectic schedule with Kris, and she says she’s “scared” to travel and sleep because she wakes up unable to move or communicate.

“I’m scared to fall asleep because it keeps happening to me,” Kendall tells Kris. “It almost feels like my heart stops.”

Her mother, however, reminds her that she has already committed to designers all over the world, who are “counting on [you] to show up.” Kendall simply replies she thinks her health is more important.

“Kendall basically lives on an airplane, so the anxiety on an airplane and the sleep paralysis is a huge problem,” Kris tells the camera. “Sometimes it’s been so bad that she’s been paralyzed from even getting on an airplane and I’ve had to get on a plane, fly from L.A. to London just to get her from London to New York… So it’s becoming a real problem.” Watch the clip below!

In other Kendall news, she also recently bought a weird-looking and expensive couch.

“Slowly but surely, my house is finally getting decorated!” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared on her app this week. “It’s definitely a process and a lot more work than I anticipated. I’m glad I’m taking it slow and only getting things I really love. And, my interior decorator, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, has been a huge help in finding unique pieces.”

How much was this couch, you ask? A whopping $52,000!

Kendall explained, “Recently, I realized I’d been really good and came in way under budget on my furniture allowance. I got super excited and bought another amazing couch. One day, I just had a vision about the entry room and knew exactly what it needed. As soon as I saw the couch, I fell in love. The ‘Boa’ by Edra couch is all woven and a really groovy navy with purple shimmer. It works perfectly in the space! I still have a long way to go, but am having so much fun along the way!”

It sure doesn’t look it would help her sleep issues much.