WATCH: John Legend’s Appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ Will Melt Your Heart

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CREDIT: Instagram/John Legend

Can we just talk about how cute John Legend is as a first-time dad?

The singer appeared on Good Morning America on Friday (Nov. 4, 2016) to promote his new single, “Love Me Now.” While speaking with the co-hosts, Legend dished on life as a new father — including how he celebrated baby Luna‘s first Halloween — and his upcoming music video that features his daughter and wife, Chrissy Teigen.

“Over a few days we put her in like eight outfits,” Legend said of Luna’s many costume changes, as seen on Teigen’s Instagram. “Chrissy on Twitter said something about she didn’t know what Halloween costume Luna was going to wear, so all these companies started sending us all these costumes. We were just doing a fashion show at the house and were taking photos of everything. I think Luna was probably not having as much fun as we were. She had some moments where she was like, ‘I’m over this.’ But she couldn’t say it, so we just kept going.”

Legend also previewed a small clip for the “Love Me Now” visual. Needless to say, his family is super adorable.

The night before, Legend took to Twitter to answer fan questions about music, family, and politics. According to him, he’s open to the idea of Luna following his footsteps to become a musician.

I would love it if she’s a talented musician. But this business is hard and there will be the added pressure of being my daughter,” he wrote. “I want her to be happy, kind, intelligent and conscious. Whatever career she chooses, I’ll try my best to support and encourage her.”

He noted in another tweet, “She’ll be surrounded by music. Hope she loves it!”

Legend added that he may have cut his time short in the studio while recording his new album, Darkness and Light, to spend more time with his new bundle of joy, tweeting, “I tried my best to spend as much time home as possible, so I cut my session lengths a bit. But we got it done!”

Someone give this man a Father of the Year medal already!