Kaley Cuoco Shares Kinky Selfie with Johnny Galecki from Behind the Scenes of ‘Big Bang Theroy’

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Amicable ex-lovers Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki made it official last night

Kaley Cuoco shared a racy behind-the-scenes photo from the set of The Big Bang Theory featuring her and co-star/ex-boyfriend Johnny Galecki in a compromising pose.

Cuoco posted the photo to her Instagram Friday evening (Nov. 4, 2016), with the caption “#bts of last night’s @bigbangtheory,” confirming all of our suspicions that things get real weird on the set of that show.

Cuoco bends towards the camera in a red corset, short leather shorts and fishnets, while Galecki stands behind her in black leather chaps, and… one of those shirts made out of belts. If those BDSM costumes look complicated to you, you’re probably right. Cuoco’s post included the hashtag #corsettook15minstogeton. The rest of the outfit doesn’t look especially easy to get into either.

Cuoco and Galecki quietly dated for two years, according to Us Weekly, and have remained best friends despite the relationship not working out. If this photo gets any fans hoping the pair might start things back up again, they may be out of luck. Cuoco is currently dating fellow equestrian Karl Cook.