Cristiano Ronaldo Says He Signed a Lifetime Contract with Nike

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Cristiano Ronaldo is taking his ride or die relationship with Nike quite literally. According to the soccer player, he just signed a deal with the athletic brand that will presumably be upheld until his last breath.

“This new contract [is] for life,” he said in a video statement. “I’m a member of the family, but I have to say that Nike is the best … They do things that no one can do it.”

“I have a great relationship with this brand. I have great friends here in the company,” Ronaldo, who’s been a spokesperson for the label since 2003, continued. “Many people tell me, ‘I cannot see you with another brand. You are [a] Nike man.'”

Though financial details of Ronaldo’s lifetime contact were not released, TMZ is reporting that it is “very similar” to the $1 billion one LeBron James recently inked with the company.

“The successful partnership between Nike and Ronaldo will continue well into the future with a new, long-term contract,” a statement from Nike read.

However, the Nike deal wasn’t the only contract Ronaldo signed this week. The world renowned athlete also extended his contract with Real Madrid, agreeing that he will stay with the team until June 2021.

The 31-year-old will continue to be paid a weekly salary of £365,000, BBC reports. (For our U.S. readers, that amounts roughly to $451,596 for seven days worth of work!)

“What I most want is to continue enjoying the years I have left to play. I still have 10 years,” he said in a press conference on Monday (Nov. 7, 2016). “No-one knows what the future holds … I’m going to be here for another five years, but let it be known this will not be my last contract.”

“I have said many times that I carry this club in my heart, it is part of me and it is a special time in my life,” he added. “Of course I would like to end my career at this club. I want to be here for many years to come. I want to continue rewriting history at this club.”