So Spoiled: Negan Is Coming to Alexandria in ‘The Walking Dead’ 

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'The Walking Dead'

Dying to know what happens on the next episode of your favorite show? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up some juicy new teasers for The Walking Dead, Frequency, Westworld and more!

Interested in what’s ahead for Dawson and Casey on Chicago Fire?

“The family dynamic that includes Louie in their lives, that gets thrown for a real loop at the end of the episode,” EP Michael Brandt shared, referencing the show’s imminent 100th episode. “As we inject more Louie into their lives and they start to decide what they want to be as a couple, everything kind of gets turned upside down on them towards the end of the first half of the season.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Loving Frequency? Here’s an ominous bit of info: With the date of Julie’s disappearance approaching, Frank “does get more and more desperate,” said Riley Smith. “And the things that he’s doing become more illegal and tricky.” [TV Line]

Apologies, this new piece of information about the upcoming episode of Westworld is just one big infuriating tease…

“Let’s just say there’s something so shocking that happens next week, it left my jaw on the floor — seriously, I’m going to need to rewatch the entire series.” Natalie Abrams wrote. [Entertainment Weekly]

Now that we know Daryl is getting his spirit broken at Negan’s Sanctuary and Carol is recovering in The Kingdom, it’s time for the leather-clad lunatic and his Saviors to descend upon Alexandria.

Check out the new chilling clip for next week’s 85-minute episode below: