Kelly Ripa Reveals She Had a ‘Bad’ Experience with Botox Last Year

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Megyn Kelly to Co-Host 'Live' with Kelly Ripa the Day After Election
Fox News' Megyn Kelly will co-host Live with Kelly alongside Kelly Ripa on the day after the presidential election

Kelly Ripa is absolutely gorgeous, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t fallen victim to unrealistic beauty expectations.

This morning (Nov. 9, 2016), during Live with Kelly, Ripa tried to lighten the mood after talking about the results of the 2016 Presidential election, talking about “good” and “bad” sides of her face and confessed she had a terrible experience with Botox last year. “I’m going to tell you a story I’ve never told anyone,” Ripa told the audience and co-host Megyn Kelly. “I got bad Botox about … what was it, a year ago? And it was bad. It did something to my good side, so then I had two bad sides. I’m not kidding!”

The morning show host went on to say the experience was so bad, she wouldn’t go into details, but a year later things are getting better. “I’m starting to look myself again, but there was about a six-month period where people were like: ‘What’s wrong with Kelly? She doesn’t smile anymore,’ ” she said “And I was like: ‘I am smiling!’ ”“Being in the public eye is so fun, isn’t it?”

“Being in the public eye is so fun,” Ripa joked “Isn’t it?”