Zendaya Responds to Race Controversy Surrounding Her Casting in the Upcoming ‘Spiderman’ Movie

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A few months ago, Zendayalanded the biggest break of her career to date, the female lead in the upcoming Spiderman Homecoming movie.


 While Zendaya remained tight-lipped about who she was actually playing, people immediately assumed the female lead meant Peter Parker‘s girlfriend Mary Jane. While most people were ecstatic for the actress others were furious, saying there was no way Zendaya could play Mary Jane, simply because she is African-American. Zendaya did her best to ignore the asinine controversy, but in a recent interview decided to speak out for the first time.

“People are going to react over anything. But nothing [about who she is playing] is fact. It’s like, you guys are just making shit up at this point and then reacting to it,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

“But of course there’s going to be outrage over that because for some reason some people just aren’t ready,” she continued. “I’m like, “I don’t know what America you live in, but from what I see when I walk outside my streets of New York right now, I see lots of diversity and I see the real world and it’s beautiful, and that’s what should be reflected and that’s what is reflected so you’re just going to have to get over it.”