Billy Bob Thornton Opens Up About Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie, Fans and More

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Billy Bob Thornton is never one to mince words, even when it comes to his ex, Angelina Jolie.

In an interview with GQ magazine, Thornton said while they were married, Jolie was constantly busy with Hollywood and her work with the U.N. He just wanted to stay home and relax. “I never felt good enough for her. I’m real uncomfortable around rich and important people.”

He also admitted he didn’t want to change just to preserve the relationship. “I like how I am.” He added that even if it didn’t work out romantically, the two are still friends and talk every few months or so.

Thornton also talked about his band, The Boxmasters, which is currently taking up much of his time. Even then, he’s blunt about his fans: Don’t just like the music, listen to the songs. “You like my band? What was I, just fucking masturbating up there? I wrote every fucking word to those songs.”

And please don’t ask him to sign your DVD copy of Sling Blade. “Sure, I’ll sign your Sling Blade DVD,” Thornton groaned. “And you can go home and fuck missionary like a metronome and never have an original creative idea in your life.” Putting that away right now, thank you.

As for his writing and directing career, Thornton couldn’t quite find the same success he had with Sling Blade, and so decided to quit doing it. “I’m just going to be in the Boxmasters. I’m just going to be in a band and be an actor. That’s it. It takes too much out of you to write a movie and direct it and spend you know, a year and a half of your life on it and then have people either shit on it or not see it. Maybe if I make it to 85 or something, I’ll sit around and write a novel.”

Thornton is starring in the upcoming Bad Santa 2, a sequel to the 2003 extremely dark comedy that became a cult classic, and he’s pretty sure the critics will ruin it because it’s a sequel. “Oh, my God, did you see Joe Dirt 2? It’s atrocious.’ Who gives a shit? Then don’t go see it,” he said. “Don’t write about it, you know? You take away people’s right to like what they want to like by influencing people who are very easily influenced.”

Bad Santa 2 opens November 23.