Antonio Sabato Jr. Hopes to Be Donald Trump’s Fitness Advocate

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Donald Trump supporter Antonio Sabato Jr. admitted he would love to serve as the White House’s fitness advocate.

The former soap star, who spoke during the Republican National Convention on behalf of the President-elect, told Variety he would do anything for the Trump administration. “I would love to work with fitness, with that department, like what Arnold Schwarzenegger was doing for the country many years ago,” he said.

“I think it’s important to talk about fitness and bring more fitness to schools across the country,” Sabato Jr.added. “They don’t approach P.E. in schools like they need to.”

Our next president !! Back you up pal anytime anywhere .. @realdonaldtrump #trumptrain

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The actor, who knows a thing or two about fitness after showing off his body for Calvin Klein in the ’90s, is incredibly happy that Trump is the new President. “I would personally do anything for the guy or his family,” Sabato Jr. said. “It’s great to say, ‘President Trump!’”